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Parisi Pizzeria

#ColoradoIsHome, Around Town, Restaurant Review | This post was written by Randi Harris

This is serious Italian food, served in a casual and fun atmosphere and definitely worth the drive from Littleton!  The pasta is made in house, and everything is served fresh with a farm-to-table old world feel.   It’s casual on the main floor, but downstairs is a fine dining restaurant called Firenze a Tavola.  Authentic pastries and gelato are served at a separate walk up counter.  It’s an older neighborhood that is being revitalized—  so I only worried about my car a little bit while we were inside, but it was worth it! 😀  –Randi


From their website:

WHEN WE MOVED FROM FLORENCE, ITALY in 1997, we were so excited to share with Denver authentic Italian food.     …Preparing food became a way to channel what we missed from Italy and what we like to think of as “Edible Nostalgia”. So know that every time you eat something from our menu, there is some story from Italy attached to it…. whether it’s a little nod to Nonna or just a memory from a day trip through Chianti.


The Draws:

Food: Authentic Italian and really great!  The pizza is wood fired in a brick oven, the pasta and sauces are made in house, and there is great variety in the dishes available.  The most fun thing we tried was the Coccoli Antipasti: strips of pizza dough lightly fried, served with prusciutto and Stracchino cheese.

The pizza was great, and the Tagliatelle Boscaiola (pasta with mushrooms and a plum tomato and cream sauce) was the best!  Don’t forget the gelato, which was excellent, but is ordered and served from a different location inside the restaurant.


Service: Order at the counter, go to your assigned table, and bread and drinks magically show up.  There is no dedicated server for your table, so that has it’s drawbacks, but everything we asked for came quickly at just the right time.

Pricing:  If this were one of the chain Italian restaurants, we would consider this  overpriced.  But considering the authenticity of the food,  you know you’re going to pay a little more.  Plan to spend about $50 for two.


The Flaws:

Ordering process:  It works really well for the first round, but ordering more food means going back to the counter, which is awkward with the long lines.

Lines: We were there around 5:30 on a Saturday night, and there was only a small line to order, and no wait for tables, but as it got later, the wait for tables got much longer.  There is indoor and outdoor seating, but it’s not a big restaurant, so we recommend going early — or late.

Parking:  They do have their own parking lot, but it’s small.  If you find a street spot that’s close, you should probably take it!



Our Tips:

The outside seating has lots of evening shade and on a nice day is the perfect al fresco dinner spot.

We can’t recommend the pasta and the gelato highly enough. And definitely take the cannoli.

Parisi Pizzaria, Tratoria, e Vino

4401 Tennyson St.
Denver, C0 80212

11 to 9 Mon. thru Thurs.
11 to 10 Fri. and Sat.
Closed Sundays

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