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In the sixth Mortgage Mythbusters episode, Brian takes down the myth of getting the biggest loan possible – even if it’s not really necessary!


Thinking you’ll get a better loan or a better interest rate if you get a mortgage through your bank? Think again! Residential Lending’s Brian Swendsen busts this mortgage myth in no time at all!


What I Know Now…

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This post was written by Brian Swendsen

Mortgages are a funny thing. They terrify people because oftentimes consumers don’t understand what they represent. I feel like mortgages get a bad rap. They conjures images of big faceless banks, people with expensive suits and expensive cars who sit on their throne and say “yes” to someone and “no” to someone else. Mortgages were […]


Closing Tricks and Treats!

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This post was written by Randi Harris

This fun Halloween video made us laugh again this year.  It’s both entertaining, and full of great information about what not to do before you close a loan!  Enjoy our goofiness one more time, and Happy Halloween from Residential Lending!


You want your mortgage process to go smoothly and be a pleasant experience, right? Well, we do too and with that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of DO’s and DON’T’s that will help avoid any delays with your loan approval and result in a relatively painless loan process. DO make all of your payments […]


Here’s our latest video made for our realtor partners. The condo and townhouse market is heating up and these are some things to help avoid DISASTER when it comes to mortgage regulations. Visit each loan officer’s individual video by clicking on his picture on our home page.


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