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In episode 8 of Brian’s Mortgage Mythbuster series, Brian gives some ideas about when it’s worth it to consider a refinance! And don’t miss the “big finish” at the end!


Many years ago when my wife and I purchased our first home we were so excited to have our own space where we could change the paint color, have a yard for our kids, and not be awakened by the guy in the apartment above us when he would decide to vacuum at 12:30 am. […]


A Homeowners Favorite Word Is…

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This post was written by Mike Holloway

Over the last 8 years or so, lending and real estate has had some pretty rough patches to contend with. From 2007 to roughly 2011, home values tended to decrease which placed many homeowners in a position where they didn’t have much equity (equity = difference between home value and loan balance) which caused some […]


Mortgage Center!

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This post was written by Carrie Lund

Well, you KNOW the team at Residential Lending has something to say about the big game this weekend! Come check it out, and get some good info about 15 Year vs 30 Year mortgage terms as well!


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