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In the sixth Mortgage Mythbusters episode, Brian takes down the myth of getting the biggest loan possible – even if it’s not really necessary!


Many years ago when my wife and I purchased our first home we were so excited to have our own space where we could change the paint color, have a yard for our kids, and not be awakened by the guy in the apartment above us when he would decide to vacuum at 12:30 am. […]


As we previously discussed, the number 1 credit killer is late payments – and an easy way to avoid that is to automate your money. Did you know that the number 2 credit killer is your credit card Balance-to-Limit Ratios? Simply put, the credit scoring model looks at how much credit you have available to […]


Why Home Ownership Matters

#ColoradoIsHome, Market, Money Smarts

This post was written by Mike Holloway

The term “Millennials” is used daily in the media to describe this group of young people that are uber tech savvy and march to the beat of their own drummer. In regards to housing, many so called “Millennials” have been slow to become homeowners choosing rather to spend their hard earned income on skinny jeans, […]


Want to be Financially Savvy?

Books We Recommend, Money Smarts

This post was written by Carrie Lund

Recently I asked our loan officers what financial book, magazine or blog they would recommend if someone wanted to increase their financial savvy.  Here’s what they said: Jason and Mike both recommend reading Kiplinger magazine or website.  It has top notch information and they stay on top of current trends without much of a bias […]


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